Friday, August 7, 2015

Pausing Blog For the Time Being

Hey guys!

Life has been pretty busy lately and I haven't had time to post anything in forever. So, for the time being, I'm going to be putting the blog on hold. I may come back to it later, when I'm better at scheduling my freetime. I won't completely delete it, just won't be posting anything new.

In the mean time, you can follow me here:

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Until next time!
Lydia out.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Weekly Update: The Big News!

As promised, the big news - I'm now Full-time!! The great guys at Glu decided to offer me a full time position! :) I'm super excited to be working there! Not that I have been working there already, for the better part of this year, but now I don't have to think about my end date & finding a new job. I super happy. I really enjoy working there, as I've mentioned before. :D Happy, happy, happy. ^_____^

Oh, and to welcome us (one of the environment artists became full-time as well. Go Adam!) to the full-time, they decided to parade us around the studio. As everyone shot us with nerf darts. Video link below.

So besides all that going on this week, most of my free time & creativity have been put into making Save-the-Date's for my wedding next year. I took the idea from here:

Well, that's been my week. Lots of excitement at work. :) Doing creative/crafty stuff in my free time.

Til next week!


My Top 3 This Week:

2. This stamp: - Such a time saver for me, making those Save-the-dates :)

3. Copic Markers. I just bought some today for the first time. Its always fun trying new mediums :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Weekly Update: Big News Next Week

Its been just another normal week of work this week, so it going to be a super short update. I will have some exciting news next week though!

I did finish watching Kill la Kill last night. I don't think I've enjoyed an anime that much since I was a kid.


Top 3 This Week:
1. Legend of Korra: Book 4 - well, technically it started the week before, but I can't believe we're on the last season! I don't want it to end!

2. This happened on Friday: - I was there, it's just hard to see me.

3. #inktober - Everyone is drawing in ink this month! Even I have been giving it a shot. If fun to try new mediums :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Weekly Update: Another Week Gone By

Not too much to share this week. I've been working on some fun stuff but it will be a while until I can actually share them. Everything is going good though. We even picked a date for our wedding this week! Yeah!! Now I can spend a little more time on some personal projects now that I don't have to search for a venue. **sigh of relief**

Did anyone check out the teaser for Pixar's next film Inside Out? Check it-->

It doesn't show too much but I'm looking forward to seeing more. I think it's an interesting concept & I'm curious as to how it will play out. :) Though, Anger looks like Super Meat Boy in a suit. Just throwing that out there.


My Top 3 This Week:
1. "Kill la Kill" - my new favorite anime. So crazy but I'm really enjoying it. On Netflix streaming so check it out!

2. New "Big Hero 6" trailer came out this week - - Really excited about this one, looks like a lot of fun :) & it comes out just in time for my birthday!

3. Animation Desk App - I found an app that I can use to animate on my iPad. Still figuring everything out, but so far I like it :) if you have any other animation apps like it, please share!

Until next time!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Best of Daily Sketch - September 2014

Not too many drawings this month. So much wedding stuff to do! Oh well, I did do a bit of playing around with a new animation app. Woot!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Weekly Update: Scooters & Waterfalls

This has definitely been an interesting week. First off, we were given about 6 scooters for everyone to share & ride around the studio. They're a lot of fun! But I'm just waiting for the first crash to happen. Definitely put everyone in a great mood when they first arrived. Like kids on Christmas day!

Then, a few days later, I arrived to work and found out that overnight, a pipe burst in the artist section of the studio, flooding the whole area. Water dumped on 4 desks from the ceiling. My computer was on the floor, so it also managed to get a little wet. I had several days of work that I had yet to chek in. SO SCARY!! But all worked out in the end, my computer lived. All was good. All the artists were evacuated to the other side of the building and no work was lost. Just made for a really interesting day. 

Besides that, work is going good. Just wrapped up some really fun animations. Can't wait to share them! Also, the Habit RPG app I mentioned last time has really helped me keep track and stay on top of things! Yay! (I'm even writing this blog post on time!) 

Favorite Things of the Week:
1. PBS Game/Show - Fun YouTube channel where they discuss different topics relating to games. Usually things you've probaly never thought about. Fun to listen to.

2. Coworker Blog: <Doodles/speed painting/art dump from one of the animators I work with. Check it out. (Also, make sure to follow me too!

3. Rediscovered this video... Too funny XD

Enjoy! See ya next week!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekly Update: Better Late then Never

A little late this week, but I promise I'll get better at this! :D

Last week, we celebrated Deer Hunter 2014's 1 year anniversary! Still going strong! To celebrate the team got to go play something called Whirlyball. If you don't know what that is, look it up. Because it is awesome. Basically like playing lacrosse on bumper cars. 

Also, this week launched Amazing Battle Creatures!!! I didn't get to work on this one (I wish I had!), but a great group of artists did & you should definitely check it out!

Top 3 Things I'm Loving This Week:
1. Bancroft Brothers Podcast: ...Animation Pros talking shop. Need I say more?
2. Animation Test for the new Popeyes movie: ...Watch it. Lots of fun. Sony knows what they are doing. 
3. Habit RPG: ...Fun way of staying organized & starting good habits (like drawing everyday). Turns tasks into a game & you into a levelable character. 

That's all for now folks! See ya next time! Play a little Amazing Battle Creatures to pass the time ;D