Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maya and 3ds Max

I was taught animation in Maya and I have come to know Maya very well. Unfortunately, the animation test I need to do has to be done in 3ds Max. So I have been on a crash course to learn to animate in 3ds Max.

So far it hasn't been too difficult, but I think if I ever had to use both programs in the same day, my brain would explode. There are subtle differences that cause me to try to do one thing that works in one program, but does something completely different in another program. At one point I had a white line everywhere my mouse went... I have no idea what I did.

But it is coming along slowly but surely. I am glad that I get this opportunity to actually learn the program a little. There are still things I am trying to figure out (Tutorials are somewhat helpful). I still want to figure out parenting. I know what to do in Maya, but have yet to figure out that in 3ds Max. Plus, in general, the tools and side panels are completely different, so it has been fun trying to figure out what exactly I am looking at.

I press on!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's a Work in Progress

Well, I thought I would share the beginnings of the illustration I am doing from the earlier drawing of Dirk Pitt. Anyways, still got some ways to go but I am enjoying it. I haven't illustrated anything in a long time. It is brushing off the cobwebs. So far I like how it is coming too. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dirk Pitt Sketch

I just finished reading Inca Gold by Clive Cussler and I was really inspired to draw. He writes with a lot of description and it created awesome images in my head that just want to come out. Anyways, here is my interpretation of Dirk Pitt, the main character in the book. I think I am going to try to illustrate it later.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Awesome Place to Work

I have been applying to a lot of jobs and recently stumbled upon a place that I think I would love to work at: Luma Pictures. They have done some pretty awesome stuff first off. I actually found them through the credits of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (yes... I job search through watching movies... best way to do it). Besides doing awesome things, there seems to be a really fun creative atmosphere. I think if I got the job there, I would really enjoy it.