Saturday, November 12, 2011

Some Things I Have Learned...

I haven't updated anything in a while so I thought that maybe I would share some a couple things I have learned so far at my job...

     1. People who work on games think about games all the time. This really shouldn't come as a surprise, but for some reason, for me, it did. I, myself don't really play games. I am not a big gamer at all. But since I've started work here, I have a knowledge about the gaming world - what's popular, games reviews, what everyone's excited about. It's crazy.

     2. I don't think I will ever remember to push AutoKey before I begin to animate. The joys of switching between Maya and 3ds Max. I always forget to click auto key before starting to animate. Even wrote myself a note. But I'm definitely getting better at 3ds Max.

     3. Video games happen in 30 frames per sec. Didn't know that until I started here. I've always done everything in 24 fps.

     4. It takes a lot to get things to work in a game. There so many people working together to get a game to look how it does. Not just the animators and environment people creating the content (what is actually seen on screen), but everyone else behind the scenes. The programmers and tech artists and whatnot. And its so easy to break things in the game.

     5. If games were realistic, no one would play them. Mostly because everything would be too slow. Some of my animations look really fast to me. Then I get edits back and they are like - make it faster.

Well, that is just a couple things I have learned so far. I'm sure there will be more to follow. I think I learn something new everyday. Which isn't a surprise since I haven't ever worked with video games or with a lot of the programs I get to use now. But that is all for now. More on a later date.