Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bioshock: Infinite Beast of America Trailer

So you've been thinking: "Lydia, what have you been up to? You've been awfully quiet lately." Well, I've been working on this, Bioshock: Infinite, as a contract animator. I will finish up my part come November. I've had a great experience with the people up at Irrational. They are making an awesome game. The only thing I worked on that showed up in the trailer is some AI stuff. Probably won't even notice because they tend to play quickly. Easiest one to see is the people being pecked at by crows. I cleaned up that animation a bit. Many more things to see once the game comes out! For now, enjoy the trailer. Many people are working super hard to create this. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well, It's Been a Year

So today marks my 1 year anniversary at Timegate! Woot! I've held a job for a solid year! And its crazy that in that year, I have been able to work on 2 huge projects, as well as a couple little ones. Thats a lot of stuff in just one short year. I've definitely been blessed with a lot of opportunities. But at the same time I have had to work super hard and pull some crazy hours.

But I can also look back and see how much I've been able to learn in just a year. Before I started at Timegate, I had never touched 3ds Max or the Unreal Editor. I honestly didn't know what a game editor was, and now I can import animations and skeletal meshes, add notifies, create animsets... among other things. Though, there is still a TON of things I don't know. I've also gotten the opportunity to work with mocap data. That is something I was never able to do in school. Though, I can't say its my favorite thing to do. Can't believe how much I have crammed into my head this year.

Though, there is still a lot of stuff I have yet to learn! One thing in particular is how to get the mocap data from start to finish. I have only been give the mocap data in Max. I haven't been introduced yet to Motion Builder, but I'm looking forward to when we do become acquaintances.

Well, that's my reflections of the past year. I hope next year brings new adventures and more things to learn! And awesome projects to work on!