Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best of Daily Sketch - June

June was a good drawing month. Many favorites. I could've added more than these, but I decided not to. :) Enjoy!

Went with a bird theme one week. Really like how the toucan came out. 

I was excited for Monsters University, so I drew Mike and Sulley. Loved the movie, by the way. If you haven't seen it, GO RIGHT NOW! lol

Best of Daily Sketch - May

Here are my favorites from May! I liked how the dragons turned out. I've never really drawn a dragon before. Enjoy!

Best of Daily Sketch - April

Here are my favorite Daily Sketches from the month of April! Enjoy! 

Best of Daily Sketch - February

So I realize it's been awhile, busy with work and all. But I wanna start posting some of my favorite "daily sketches" each month. These are my favorites from February. Not all of them, just my favorites. If you want to see them all, follow me on twitter and get the daily update: @LydiaHall or